Praise for 31 Surprising Reasons to Believe in God

“This is a very special book…a wonderfully creative and fascinating read that reveals hints of the divine all around us—in what we believe, what we love, what we have, and what we know. Rick's carefully reasoned yet whimsical approach to apologetics is more about engaging in better conversations than it is about arguments. And for skeptics who read this book, they may find they are closer to faith than they had ever imagined."

Terry Glaspey, author of the award-winning 75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know and Not a Tame Lion: The Spiritual Legacy of C.S.Lewis.


"Rick Stedman provides a helpful entry point to cultural apologetics, with his multi-faceted exploration of how film, stories, music, art, morality, and human experience all contribute to a cumulative case for the existence of God."

Dr. Holly Ordway, Houston Baptist University, author of Imaginative Apologetics and Not God's Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms


“Once the existence of God (or the gods) was taken for granted. Today it is otherwise. Yet, we still enjoy music, detest animal cruelty and human trafficking, and defend our inalienable right to free speech and the pursuit of happiness. Rick Stedman has written 31 delightful and slightly whimsical essays showing how these common beliefs and attitudes make today’s atheism dubious. One need not find all of the essays equally persuasive to be convinced that belief in God is still a rationally defensible position.”

Ric Machuga, Professor of Philosophy, Butte College, California, author of In Defense of the Soul, Life the Universe, and Everything and Three Theological Mistakes


“This book will rock your world! Could sex, zombies, art, nature and music all be neon signs pointing to the existence of God? Atheists, agnostics, skeptics and Christians will all be challenged by the thoughtful and well-reasoned arguments in this book. You’ll be stunned by the 31 Surprising Reasons to Believe in God!”

Erik Neilson, Senior Pastor, McMinnville Christian Church, McMinnville Oregon.


“Without question, this is the first book I have read that explains apologetics in a way that relates to the perspective of today’s nonbeliever. The author’s connecting examples and expressed humility throughout this book will compel even the most cynical to keep reading. I intend to use 31 Surprising Reasons to Believe in God as my primary evangelism tool.”

Brad Dacus, President and Founder, Pacific Justice Institute.


“The fraction of the American people that are atheists remains tiny. However, several of the more outspoken contemporary atheists have recently become media darlings. Thus there is a need for fresh approaches to the fact that ultimately nothing makes sense apart from a belief in the sovereign God of the universe. Rick Stedman’s book 31 Surprising Reasons to Believe in God tackles this important challenge very effectively.”

Dr. Henry Schaefer III, Professor and Director, Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry, University of Georgia, and five time Nobel Prize Nominee.


“Rick Stedman sails the readers across the sea of scientific mysteries regarding the origin of the universe and the information needed for life; a sea that deepens each decade with far more questions than answers.  He exposes either the flippant foolery of some scientists, or the respectful awe of others, while gently guiding the reader to an accurate yet simply packaged presentation of the problems faced by the pondering researcher.  As only a philosopher and theologian can do, Stedman then brings the reader back to the fundamentals: reason, humanity and the love of God.”

Dr. James M. Tour, Professor of NanoEngineering, Rice University


“But the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see” Romans 1:19 (The Message).  Rick has taken a palette of 31 colors and designed a picture that clearly presents God in ways one might expect Him to be found and ways that will surprise you.  In any case, one finds themselves “without excuse.”

Ken Long, Senior Pastor, Northshore Christian Church, Washington


“Life is full of mysteries and wonders. Rick takes what is familiar to our own personal experience and opens our eyes to the personal touch of God in them. In a culture that has blinded itself to God, Rick’s 31 reasons help restore our vision to see and experience the wonders and mysteries of God in our everyday experience. I look forward to sharing this book (and I hope follow-up up books—I’m sure Rick has a few more of these 31 flavors) with my friends in search of faith, or with some who even resist the faith.”    

Randy Watson – Former Missionary to Chile, Founder and Senior Pastor, Gateway Christian Church, Rhonert Park, California

Praise  for Praying the Psalms

“I recommend this book with great enthusiasm. Rick Stedman is an able guide to help us tap into this God-given resource for life-changing prayer.”

Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College


“I have read dozens of books on prayer and Praying the Psalms is the best book on prayer that I have read in a very long time. Rick has discovered an untapped goldmine by exploring the emotional insights in the Psalms. Praying the Psalms is the next book on prayer everyone should read!”

Steve Bond, Senior Pastor, Summit Christian Church, Reno, Nevada


"Rick Stedman understands we are emotional beings created in the image of an emotional God and that some of our deepest most intimate moments with God come when we connect with him at an emotional level. The Psalms teach us how and Rick takes us on an amazing journey. Your prayer life will never be the same."

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, California


“The potential impact of this book is huge. Learning to relate with God emotionally through prayer, the Psalms, and the psychology of attachment theory is a brilliant way for readers to experience spiritual and relational transformation. I wish all Christians would learn to live and pray this way—especially Christian counselors and pastors.” 

Kenneth Logan, Psy.D., Professor of Counseling, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon


“In Praying the Psalms I found Rick Stedman’s transparency to be refreshing, especially in the area of relationships. My wife and I found many launching points for deep spiritual conversation. I am currently doing a series of sermons in Psalms and have found this to be my most helpful resource.”

Ken Long, Senior Pastor, Northshore Christian Church, Everett, Washington


“The Psalms can be an intimidating. After all, there are 150 of them! Where do you start? What are they trying to say? How are we to process all of these various expressions of emotion in a clear way? Rick Stedman has written a resource to help us see not only what the Psalms say, but what they have to convey about an emotional God who desires to connect to you and me as emotional beings. The contents are refreshingly transparent, insightful, and extremely practical. If you’ve ever struggled with prayer (and we all have), or ever wondered how to practically apply the Psalms, you will find both encouragement and tangible steps to immediately put into practice.”

Aaron Brockett, Senior Pastor, Traders Point Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana


“Does being a good Christian mean that we can't allow ourselves to feel certain emotions? Praying the Psalms challenges our notions about what we feel and how we express those feelings to God in prayer.  This book will change the way you understand and relate to God, so if you've been looking for an upgrade in your prayer life, this book is for you!”

Erik Neilson, Senior Pastor, Adventure Christian Church, McMinnville, Oregon


“If the Psalms are a ‘gymnasium for the soul,’ as St. Ambrose called them, you’ll find no better personal spiritual trainer than Pastor Rick Stedman. Those yearning for deeper connection with God and the wholeness that brings will find what they’re looking for in this deeply practical book.” 

Brian Jones, Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Royersford, Pennsylvania, Author of Second Guessing God and Forgiveness


“I am so excited for Rick Stedman’s call for us to emotionally connect with God! I have found that much of what is called Christianity is in reality a cold, emotionless, stoic philosophy that is built on knowledge rather than love. Rick’s book will show you the way to connect with God by Praying the Psalms and in doing so you will have a vibrant and real love relationship with the One who loves you most.”

Chuck Booher, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church, Corona California


“In Praying the Psalms, Rick Stedman has harnessed the important principle of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in our relationship with God and others from a Biblical perspective—thus, TRUTH.  For anyone going though life transitions or who just want to deepen relationships, this book will be a useful tool in effective navigation.” 

Roger Storms, Lead Pastor, Chandler Christian Church, Chandler, Arizona


Praise for Praying the Promises of Jesus

“This is a wonderful book.  It is insightful, practical and deeply Biblical.   Rick Stedman understands that prayer is about brining our hearts into alignment with God's heart, and he here presents an appealing and encouraging paradigm for making the practice of prayer a part of daily life.  This book will reward the reader, serving as an encouragement to live in the presence and the will of God.”

David Nystrom, Former Provost and Sr. Vice President, Biola University, Author, NIV Application Commentary, James


“In a world of broken promises Rick Stedman leads us back to the promises of Jesus.  Substantive yet simple, this super practical guide is for people who want their lives to be transformed by the power of Jesus’ promises.  In your hands is a key to praying that is easy to remember but profound in its depth.  I want everyone in our church to read it!”

Ben Cachiaras, Senior Pastor, Mountain Christian Church, Baltimore, MD


 “Praying the Promises of Jesus is exceptional because it pinpoints the essence of our trust-based relationship with Jesus.  That trust is anchored in the promises that Jesus has made to each of us, which are inviolable and everlasting.  In addition to his illuminating writing, Dr. Stedman’s book furnishes us with actionable prayers that equip us with new tools to deepen a trust-based relationship with our God.”

Steven C. Currall, Ph.D., Professor of Management, Former Dean of the Business School of Management, University of California, Davis


“In a world filled with broken promises and little hope, Praying the Promises of Jesus encourages us that Jesus’ promises are real, they will not be broken, and are for us today.  Rick lays out a path to use the Scriptures as a part of our prayer vocabulary.  What better way to communicate with God than by using His own Word? I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to have an effective and powerful prayer life.”

Chad Hennings, Dallas Cowboys 3 Time Super Bowl Champion, U. S Air Force fighter pilot, Founder Wingmen Ministries


“If you’re looking for a field map to help you find the peace and power of Christ in your life, this is it.”

Brian Jones Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Royersford, PA, Author of Second Guessing God


“You would think, after so many years in ministry, that I would have some advice to offer on the subject of prayer. I don’t. In this arena I’m still a novice, seeking rather than dispensing counsel.  

I found in Rick Stedman a helpful guide. The longtime pastor has devoted himself to the study of scriptures related to prayer. On these pages he generously shares what he has learned. In Praying the Promises of Jesus you will be impressed with his personal practice of prayer and his desire to help others discover the same joy he has found in his disciplined walk with his promise-giving, promise-keeping Lord.”

LeRoy Lawson, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Christian Ministries and, Director of Doctor of Ministry Program, Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College


“With a graceful and inspirational voice, Pastor Rick teaches us how to access the inherent power in the promises of Jesus through daily audible prayer.  Praying the Promises of Jesus is heavenly affirmation that God’s promises are always true and they hold infinite power to transform our lives.”

Kenneth B. Morris, Jr., President, Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, Great-great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass and the great-great grandson of Booker T. Washington


“A promise is an express assurance on which expectations are to be based. Rick’s admonition on prayer is powerful and vital for believers to experience transformation of both life outlook and experience.”

John E. Wasem, US Mobilization Director, Stadia


“In our effort to walk beside victims of sex trafficking on their journey of healing, I have found nothing more dependable than the promises of Jesus.  I literally hang on to them for myself and our girls.  I would recommend this book to anyone on any journey.”

Jenny Williamson, Founder/CEO Courage Worldwide, working to eradicate sex trafficking worldwide


Praise for Praying the Armor of God


“Rick’s new book provided practical help in using the one tool
God has given to impact the people we love – prayer”

Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside church, Granite Bay, CA, author of The Hope Quotient


“This book not only equips you with a powerful prayer method,
it is saturated with insights into the Word of God.”

Lance Hahn, Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Christian Church, Rocklin, CA


“Rick Stedman provided the extra help and
practical advice that busy parents need.”

Rebecca Hagelin, advocate for faith and family, author of Home Invasion


“If you’ve ever asked how parents can help their teenagers
develop a strong faith in today’s crazy world,
one of the answers is in this book…”

Doug Fields, Youth Ministries Specialist, author of over 50 books, including Purpose Driven Youth Ministry


“It’s finally here–a book about the armor of God
and how to protect those you love.”

Lt. General (Ret.) William Boykin, executive vice president, Family research Council


“Every person – especially parents – should read and use this book!”

Kyle Idleman, Author of Not A Fan


“This is a book to read, apply, and share with others.”

Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas, Author of Pursued


“This book makes it readily applicable to your
heart and your home, seven days a week.”

Daniel Henderson, President of Strategic Renewal


“A simple way to bring God’s protective power into the
lives of the people we love.”

David Butts, Chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee

Reviews for Your Single Treasure


“Your Single Treasure is by far the best book on sexuality for singles and teenagers that I have read. It is at the same time biblical, practical, and very realistic. Everyone should have this book."

Ben Young, Host of the Single Connection, the nation's largest Christian Singles Radio Show, and Singles Pastor to over 12,000 singles at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

"This book explains positive reinforcement when it comes to purity and singleness. It’s different from a lot of Christian approaches. He talks in a very straightforward manner and gives practical and biblical insights to sex, dating, and marriage, porn, etc. Thankful for this book.”

 A.M. Poole


“This is an absolutely amazing book! It was the sex education that I never had. Rick Stedman will give you a whole new perspective on sex and celibacy with positive reasons to abstain from sex until marriage. I highly recommend it for everyone over 13 years of age.”

James A. Ward


"I loved the book. It was absolutely awesome. I recommend every unmarried person should read it.”



"Every parent of teenagers and pre-teens should read this book. It discusses all aspects of risky sexual behavior. Not all parts of this book are appropriate for teens to read.”

Forrest Melton