31 Surprising Reasons to Believe in God

You Might Be Closer to Faith Than You Ever Imagined

          When the existence of God seems anything but certain and eternity feels too far "out there" to be real, the best place to begin your investigation is right where you are, with the things you already accept as true.
          This 31-day intellectual journey reveals hints of the divine all around you—in what you believe, what you love, what you have, and what you know. Discover how sports, superheroes, and science all point to some inescapable conclusions about God.
          This carefully reasoned yet whimsical approach to a perplexing topic paves the way for respectful dialogue and meaningful discussions between Christians and skeptics.


“This is a very special book…a wonderfully creative and fascinating read that reveals hints of the divine all around us—in what we believe, what we love, what we have, and what we know. Rick's carefully reasoned yet whimsical approach to apologetics is more about engaging in better conversations than it is about arguments. And for skeptics who read this book, they may find they are closer to faith than they had ever imagined."

Terry Glaspey, author of the award-winning 75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know and Not a Tame Lion: The Spiritual Legacy of C.S.Lewis.

“Once the existence of God (or the gods) was taken for granted. Today it is otherwise. Yet, we still enjoy music, detest animal cruelty and human trafficking, and defend our inalienable right to free speech and the pursuit of happiness. Rick Stedman has written 31 delightful and slightly whimsical essays showing how these common beliefs and attitudes make today’s atheism dubious. One need not find all of the essays equally persuasive to be convinced that belief in God is still a rationally defensible position.”

Ric Machuga, Professor of Philosophy, Butte College, California, author of In Defense of the Soul, Life the Universe, and Everything and Three Theological Mistakes

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Praying The Psalms

Growing Emotionally Closer to God and Those You Love

         Your emotions are powerful. They can enrich your life and strengthen your relationships—especially with God. The writers of the Psalms knew this and were honest with God about whatever they were experiencing—love, anger, worship, loneliness, fear—and many other emotions. As they did this, they found joy in spite of struggles and turned their laments into praise. Above all, they drew closer to God.
         Praying the Psalms will help you to do the same by giving you words to reflect the deepest cries of your soul. You'll discover that God delights in hearing your most honest prayers and uses them as the starting point for transformation. Learning to emotionally connect with God in greater intimacy will also lead to relational breakthroughs with others.
         As you read and apply this book, you will

  • learn to pray the Psalms in an enjoyable and effective manner
  • discover how the wisdom of the Psalms relates to insights from pioneers in emotional intelligence, emotionally focused therapy, and emotionally healthy spirituality
  • form a more intimate attachment to God than you've ever experienced before

If you desire to grow closer to God and others, praying the Psalms is a great place to start. You might even grow to understand yourself better in the process.


“I recommend this book with great enthusiasm. Rick Stedman is an able guide to help us tap into this God-given resource for life-changing prayer.”

Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

“I have read dozens of books on prayer and Praying the Psalms is the best book on prayer that I have read in a very long time. Rick has discovered an untapped goldmine by exploring the emotional insights in the Psalms. Praying the Psalms is the next book on prayer everyone should read!”

Steve Bond, Senior Pastor, Summit Christian Church, Reno, Nevada

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Praying the Promises of Jesus

What if every promise of Jesus came true in your life?

Jesus made many astonishing promises to his followers. He promised to love us, to fill us with joy, to strengthen us, to give us peace and rest, and to prepare an eternal home for us.

Would you like your life to be molded and shaped by these promises rather than by the broken promises of this world? If so, join Rick Stedman as he reveals how your life—and the lives of those you love—will be transformed as you learn to pray the promises of Jesus daily.

You will...

  • strengthen your faith as you learn how to pray in a fresh, enjoyable, and biblical way
  • explore seven key promises of Jesus in depth, providing a prayer focus for each day of the week
  • learn how to pray the Scriptures and watch the Bible come alive

If you want your life to change, the power is in the promises.


“This is a wonderful book.  It is insightful, practical and deeply Biblical.   Rick Stedman understands that prayer is about brining our hearts into alignment with God's heart, and he here presents an appealing and encouraging paradigm for making the practice of prayer a part of daily life.  This book will reward the reader, serving as an encouragement to live in the presence and the will of God.”

David Nystrom, Former Provost and Sr. Vice President, Biola University, Author, NIV Application Commentary, James

“In a world of broken promises Rick Stedman leads us back to the promises of Jesus.  Substantive yet simple, this super practical guide is for people who want their lives to be transformed by the power of Jesus’ promises.  In your hands is a key to praying that is easy to remember but profound in its depth.  I want everyone in our church to read it!”

Ben Cachiaras, Senior Pastor, Mountain Christian Church, Baltimore, MD

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Praying the Armor of God

Trusting God to Protect You and the People You Love

The Bible is clear: This world is a spiritual battle zone, which every day puts us and those we love in harm’s way from enemy attacks. Satan is relentless, and human defenses are no match for his dark devices. What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

Pastor Rick Stedman proposes the solution: You need to put on the armor of God through prayer. As you follow his easy-to-remember method, you will learn to

  1. focus on a specific piece of armor for each day of the week
  2. spend quality time with God as you pray biblically and effectively
  3. become empowered to face each day’s battles and to protect those you love

“It’s finally here–a book about the armor of God
and how to protect those you love.”

Lt. General (Ret.) William Boykin, executive vice president, Family research Council

“Every person – especially parents – should read and use this book!”

Kyle Idleman, Author of Not A Fan

“This book not only equips you with a powerful prayer method, it is saturated with insights into the Word of God.”

Lance Hahn, Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Christian Church, Rocklin, CA

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Your Single Treasure

God Has More to Say to Singles About Sex Than "Don't"

In a society saturated with sensuality, it is impossible not to be affected. Studies show that many Christian singles are affected. They need to hear a positive approach to sexuality, not merely the word ‘No’. Singles pastor Rick Stedman presents an honest, forthright, biblical approach that presents encouragement and hope for the struggling single. He gives positive motivation that will promote strength and tenacity for a commitment to single celibacy.


Your Single Treasure is by far the best book on sexuality for singles and teenagers that I have read. It is at the same time biblical, practical, and very realistic. Everyone should have this book."

Ben Young, Host of the Single Connection, the nation's largest Christian Singles Radio Show, and Singles Pastor to over 12,000 singles at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

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