Help My Friend Is a Skeptic (Free eBook!)


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Do you know people who are skeptics? Would you love to see them become deeply convinced followers of Jesus?

Sound impossible? I thought so too, until I noticed God using, time and again, a simple pattern that ultimately led to a softening of their hearts toward faith. As a result, I’ve had the privilege of seeing many, many skeptics become believers, and it can happen to your friends and family members too.

This little book, Help—My Friend is a Skeptic!, explains how you can help your unbelieving friends on their journey toward faith. Plus, if church leaders proactively follow these same principles, they can start a movement—maybe even a snowball—of people touched by their church who become former atheists. And their Christian friends will find their own faith strengthened in the process too. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Stop merely complaining, “Help—My Friend is a Skeptic!” and instead start purposefully drawing your skeptical friends toward the faith that will change their eternity.